About Us

About Slide-In Warehouse

We specialize in sanitation service tanks which means our vacuum “pumper” tanks can be used for portable restroom service, septic tanks, liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, grease, sludge and other hazardous waste disposal.

We use all 1/4″ aluminum tanks and the industry’s best pumps, hoses and accessories.

For a quote on a custom built waste disposal truck, use the Get a Quote link above, call us on our toll-free number or FAX us your requirements.

Customer Service

At Slide-In Warehouse, we are dedicated to customer service and ongoing support for your products. Slide-In’s range of specialty tanks are protected by a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Our customer service associates and sales managers measure their success on the long-term satisfaction of their customers, rather than the profitability of a single transaction. Let our agents design and build a custom tank to fit your needs.

Our Experience

Slide-In Warehouse always looks forward to developing products that are responsive to our customers’ needs. You are connected with a team of designers, engineers and craftsmen who focus on your total satisfaction. We stay in touch with the experts in regards to regulations and highway constraints that customers deal with every day. At Slide-In Warehouse, we look for ways you can be more productive.